The Law office of Mgr. Marcela Tobolová provides legal services especially in the following fields of the CR Legal order

Commercial law - z.č. 513/1991 Sb.

  • all acts towards the establishment of the company,stock and business share transfer, full service in case of changes in the internal situation, change of the company's legal form,representation of corporate bodies in Trade Licesing Offices, Commercial Register, at annual meetings
  • unfair competition and economic competition protection securities
  • all types of contracts and contractual relationships according to the Commercial Code, especially contract of purchase, mandate contract, contract with a commission agent, brokerage contract, contract of commercial representation
  • collection of claims through courts as well as out -of-the court, general business conditions, innominal contracts

Bankruptcy law - z.č. 328/1999 Sb.

  • bankruptcy order petition
  • representation of clients (eithether a bankrupt's or a creditor's party) in bankruptcy proceedings
  • representation of bankrupt creditors in creditors committee
  • representation in incidental process

Labour law z.č. 65/1965 sb

  • employment and manager contracts
  • working regulations
  • initiation and termination of employment, contracts concerning work -off-employment
  • representation of clients in court proceedings
  • transfer of an employee to a different job

Civil law z.č. 40/1964 Sb.

  • legal relations, obligations and outstandings,problems of conclusion of contracts according the Civil Code
  • collection of claims
  • full legal service in transfer and lease of Real estate
  • security agreement
  • creation of a right of user
  • representation of clients in Real Estate Register
  • protection of personality
  • innominal contracts
  • lease and subletings of space
  • representation of clients in legal proceedings in case of legal eviction

Bills and cheques - z.č. 191/1951 Sb.

  • bills and liability
  • note liability assurance,payment by bill, backing representation of clients in courts
  • problems of cheques

Family law - z.č. 94/1963 Sb.

  • prenaptual agreement contracts
  • representation of clients in divorce proceedings,maintenance disputes,as well as in other family law matters (alimony,,custody, joint estate settlement)

Legal and administrative procedures z.č. 99/1963 Sb.

  • representation of clients in court in civil and administrative proceedings actions and preliminaries representation of clients in executory proceedings
  • exequator
  • representation of clients in administrative and misdeeds proceedings

Crimminal law z.č.140/1961 Sb.

  • representation of clients in crimminal trial proceedings complaints

Intangible property law

  • registration,changes, transfer and cancellation of trade mark licence contracts

To guarantee complex legal services on a high proficiency level we tightly cooperate with solicitors, executors, auditors and tax counsellors.

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